How To Measure For Your Door

Step 1: You can make your door as tall or wide as you want.  With that in mind. For regular barn door hardware, we recommend that you add at least two inches of overlap on each side, and two inches on the height.  For example, if your actual opening is 36” wide by 82” tall your measurements would be 40” x 84”.

Step 2: Your barn door hardware should be at least double the width of your door frame.  So, if your opening is 34” wide your hardware should be at least 68” wide rounded up to the nearest foot. For a 34” opening a 72” (6ft) barn door hardware will be ideal.

NOTE: One of the things to keep in mind is your clearance. (the distance between the top of your door opening to the ceiling.  If you have over 8” of clearance most of the regular sliding barn door hardware will fit your opening.  If you have less, you will need to pay attention to the clearance specifications when purchasing hardware.   If you do have less than 8” of clearance there are still many options out there to consider.  

If you still have questions or are unsure of where to measure from please call us or send us a picture of your project area and we can assist you.

Choosing the Right Hardware

If you are thinking “I really would like a barn door in my home, but I don’t have a space to put it in” Then what if we told you there are more than just one type of barn door hardware options? There are not too many places where a sliding barn door would not work! We can design ANYTHING!

There are four basic styles when it comes to choosing what type of hardware will work best for your project. They are Flat Track, Bi-Parting, Bypass, and Ceiling Mount